Service and Repairs


We offer service on all overhead doors and electric operators. We service residential, commercial and industrial in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Same day service for emergencies, scheduling ahead also available if you need a very specific time.

We can write invoices meant for insurance claims.

We offer non-toxic aerosol free lubricants!

No hidden fees, no $1000 repair bill.

Call for:

Broken springs, doors that won’t close or open, humming motor that doesn’t move door, poor weather seal, noises and other disconcerting door behavior. Anything that you want improved we can help.


Residential: $95.00. Over an hour will be $95.00 each additional hour. Plus parts if needed. Most repairs take under an hour. Includes full lube and adjustment on 1 door. Additional doors are $35.00 each. Extreme cases such as driven through doors will need to be quoted on site upon inspection. 10% off for veterans and seniors.

Commercial: $185.00 an hour per man required. Plus parts if needed.

Industrial: Will quote upon field inspection.

All service is subject to New York State sales tax (8.625%).

Call (631) 288-8800 to schedule an appointment.

Fire Departments, EMS and Police Departments: We offer 24/7 emergency service.